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Preorder Mad Wolf (with First Edition Bonus) by Nuke Matrix

Preorder Mad Wolf (with First Edition Bonus) by Nuke Matrix

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- main body x1
armored body x1
- Multi-stage auxiliary thruster x1
- Sirius tactical propulsion system x1
- Tactical potion storage mask x1
- Interchangeable hand types x 6 pairs
- Claws x4 (one pair for each of the two styles)
- Cryogenic particle emitter x2
- Electric fusion cutting axe (transformable into gun form) x1
- Barbarian blade shield x1
- Barbarian spear x1 (shield + spear can be combined into a giant axe)
- Barbarian throwing axes x2
- Barbarian throwing axes (cryogenic particle emission mode) x2
- Tactical potion storage mask (Zero Type) x1
- Giant sword, Cold Steel Armor Breaker x1
- Interchangeable painted faces x3-4 (to be confirmed)
- Interchangeable blank faces x12
- Water slide decals x2
- Display stand

First edition bonus: Specific details to be announced.

Note : We preorder have to pick up within 7 business day. If you cannot confirm kindly opt for delivery service.

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