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Ready Stock - Sustainable Nipper Advance by Plamo Improvement Commission (100 Set)

Ready Stock - Sustainable Nipper Advance by Plamo Improvement Commission (100 Set)

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Limited to 100 SET preorder 
Preorder closed 1 Oct 2023
ETA Nov 2023 Subjected to no delay from manufacturer.
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Pre-order 42.90 SGD
HM Member Pre-order will be given 1 extra blade at anycase we reserve to replace with 3 SGD at our option. 
HM Member are limited to 1 preorder.

Product Introduction

Featuring outstanding sharpness with no white marks left on plastic model parts, the Single-edged Nipper is an essential tool for achieving beautiful finishes on plastic models. To achieve its sharpness, the blade is thin and sharp, with opposing blades designed to be flat like a cutting board. However, plastic model runners are quite tough, causing the thin blade to wear out easily and struggle to maintain its sharpness over extended use.

The Sustainable Nipper Advance is a single-edged nipper that allows you to replace the blade, just like a design knife, restoring its sharpness to a brand-new level. By simply loosening the bolt, you can remove and insert the blade, making blade replacement easy. And by replacing only the cutting edge, you can keep the maintenance cost low while enjoying its sharp cutting performance.


Industry first!

A single-edged nipper with replaceable blade The "Sustainable Nipper Advance" is a modeling-exclusive nipper that utilizes a replaceable blade, a first in the industry. Even if the blade breaks or loses its sharpness, you can bring it back to its brand-new cutting performance by replacing it with a new blade. The body is made of stainless steel, and the blade is made of tungsten, making it resistant to rust and requiring minimal maintenance for long-term use.

Easy-to-replace slide mechanism.

The replaceable blade has a unique U-shaped shape, allowing you to easily remove it by loosening the screw on the fixed plate. When setting a new blade, slide it into the gap of the fixed plate and insert it all the way in, then tighten the screw to complete the replacement. The fixed plate has a rotation prevention mechanism that securely clamps the blade to the nipper body without any gaps. Moreover, it is equipped with a stopper that allows for precise adjustment of the cutting edge engagement, enabling adjustments in case of individual differences in the replacement blades.

Grip designed for comfort

After extensive research and analysis of the force applied to the hand, we have developed a grip shape that is easy to hold. By fitting along the lines of your fingers, it reduces fatigue even during extended use and provides a stable hold. Furthermore, it effectively transfers thumb force to the cutting edge, allowing you to cut gates with minimal effort. In addition, attaching the finger hook attachment to the rear end of the grip enhances the grip and provides a more stable user experience. After use, it can be safely stored with the included dedicated protective cap.

Cutting performance

With specially designed replacement blades, it achieves cutting performance comparable to regular single-edged nippers. Both the body and the cutting edge are made of highly rigid materials, allowing for sharp cutting performance anywhere from the tip to the base of the blade. It can also cut plastics with thicknesses similar to runners (approximately 3mm). With its thin and rigid cutting edge, it minimizes whitening on the cut surface, resulting in a clean finish.

Convenient 2-way driver for blade replacement!

The "Sustainable Nipper Advance" comes with a dedicated 2-way driver. It combines two types of drivers for blade replacement and fine adjustment of the cutting edge engagement. The tip is magnetized and detachable for each type.

Includes a cap to protect the blade

The "Sustainable Nipper Advance" comes with a dedicated cap. When attached to the nipper body, it creates space between the cap and the tip of the blade, preventing impact transmission and providing protection. It can be easily removed during use.

Dedicated replacement blade set also available! (sold separately)

A replacement blade set for replacing the blade of the "Sustaina Nipper Advance" will be released simultaneously as a separate item. The storage case contains 3 replacement blades and 3 spare screws for fixing the blade.

Product Specifications

Set Contents

  • Sustainable Nipper Advance Body
  • Sustainable Blade
  • Protective Cap
  • 2-way Driver
  • Finger Hook Attachment


  • Sustainable Nipper Advance Body: Stainless Steel
  • Sustainable Blade: Tungsten Carbide
  • Cap: Polypropylene
  • 2-way Driver: Chromium Vanadium Steel
  • Finger Hook Attachment: Silicone

Product Dimensions

  • Sustaina Nipper Advance Body: Approximately W50 x H118 x D12mm
  • Sustaina Blade: Approximately W5.1 x H15 x D1mm
  • Protective Cap: Approximately W19 x H30 x D9.5mm
  • 2-way Driver: Approximately W9 x H66mm
  • Finger Hook Attachment: Approximately W14 x H32 x D12mm

Important Notes

  • This product is a cutting nipper specifically designed for plastic models. Do not use it to cut metals, wood, or any materials other than plastic.
  • Do not apply excessive force, such as twisting or using strong force while cutting. It may cause the blade to break.
  • Never use it on circuits with electrical current. There is a risk of electric shock.
  • Make sure there are no people around and no fragile objects before starting work, as cutting debris may fly.
  • Be cautious of the pointed tip to avoid injury.
  • When replacing the blade, handle with caution to avoid injuries.
  • Cease using the product if it deforms or breaks for safety reasons.
  • Store it out of the reach of small children and pets.
  • Avoid using and storing in high-temperature and high-humidity environments
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