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Ready Stock - Plamokojo Work Station Ver.2.0 Pro - Racing Miku 2023 Ver. Hobby Tool

Ready Stock - Plamokojo Work Station Ver.2.0 Pro - Racing Miku 2023 Ver. Hobby Tool

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A new Racing Miku 2023 version of the Work Station Ver.2.0 Pro! 

Convenient functions packed into a compact body!

- It is useful not only for basic cutting, but also for work situations that require precision, such as assembly of fine parts.
- If you work on the workstation, the area around you will not be cluttered, making cleanup easy.
- On top of this, you can perform detailed assembly using a loupe and LED light as well as work such as cutting and scraping.
- Also, if you remove the text stand after assembly, it will be easier to remove the tools behind the main body, and it will be useful when you move to the process of remodeling.
- Reduced risk of losing small parts, as they will fall into the internal tray.

Perfect working part for various tasks:
- The working part of the main body is made of a thick and durable metal mesh plate.
- The hole diameter is set to a size that allows only nubs to fall through while letting parts land on top.
- Nubs too large for the holes can be dropped from a notch on the front side of the main unit.
- In addition to scraps, it is also possible to remove small items such as used sandpaper.
- The plate alone is quite strong, but when performing work that requires more force, you can attach the included metal stay for more stability.
- The metal plate can be easily removed, allowing for easy cleaning of fine shavings stuck in the corners.

Drawer-type tray convenient for trash disposal:
- The bottom tray that collects nubs and scraps, etc. can be removed for simple cleanup.
- Find lost parts easily when they fall into the tray (much better than looking through carpet)

Removable, convenient and easy-to-read manual stand:
- The lid can be used as a stand to prop up the instruction manual, increasing workspace area.
- The stand is adjusted to a comfortable viewing angle, and there is enough room to set a booklet-type instruction manual as well.
- In addition, when the angle is set to 90°, a lock is released, and if the lid is removed, it can be used as a nub collection table.
- Comes with nipper holders for either side.

Increase the amount of light with COB light! Touch type for easy ON/OFF:
- Extremely bright, surface-emitting LED lights illuminate every corner of the workstation.
- As it emits light on the entire surface, multiple cast shadows are less likely to occur, keeping your eyes from tiring and making it suitable for long hours of work.
- Large-capacity built-in battery.
- The light switch is touch-activated, which is less likely to break and easy to manage even during work.

Frameless, transparent and easy-to-see loupe:
- The large loupe uses a hard lens that is highly transparent and scratch-resistant.
- You can see a clearer enlarged image at about 3x magnification.
- The frameless lens reduces shadows.
- Like the LED light, the LED on the loupe side can also be turned on/off via touch.

Renewed mounting unit for light magnifier:
- A newer mold for the light and loupe connecting terminals.
- By integrating the connector terminal on the main unit side, the strength of the connector part is increased, and the low center of gravity suppresses wobble and enables stable operation.
- Easier installation and removal.
- The sturdy arm has increased holding power, making it easier to adjust and keep the position of the magnifier.
- Anti-dust rubber processing is applied to the surface, making it difficult to get dirty.
- Includes a protective cap for the USB unit when the terminal is not in use.

Cutter mat:
- The dedicated cutter mat comes with two colors (different colors on each side).
- Use the green side for gluing and cutting parts, and the black side for cutting masking tape and decals.
- Can be removed and used independently.
- The compact size makes it convenient for more precise work, such as cutting masking tape and decals.

Built-in larger capacity battery:
- The battery capacity for supplying power to the loupe and LED light has been doubled.
- USB-TypeC is used for the charging terminal of the built-in battery, so charging with the latest smartphone charger and cable can be easily performed.
Comes with a long charging cable so you can work while plugged in.
- If you are working while connected to a power supply, you can check the battery level and charging status at a glance through the indicator on the upper left side of the main unit.

Compact when the lid is closed:
- When storing, the lid can be closed for convenient storage.
- Since the top surface is flat, you can stack and store unfinished kits, tool boxes, sorting trays, etc.

Product Specifications:
- Body approx. 297mm X 209mm X 30mm (when stored)
- Loupe about 140mm X 96mm X 7mm arm part about 320mm
- LED light about 120mm X 30mm X 10mm arm part about 320mm
- Charging cable approx. 1.5m

- LED built-in loupe x 1
- LED light x 1
- USB Type-c cable for charging (USB A to USB C) x 1
- USB unit protective cap x 2
- Metal stay for inside the tray x 2
- Dedicated cutter mat x 1
- Nipper holder (right-handed / left-handed) x 1 each
- Protective cap for nipper holder x 4

- Body: ABS
- Working part plate: Steel
- Work part metal stay: Steel
- Cutter mat: PVC

Built-in battery:
- Capacity: 2000mA
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