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Ready stock - Motor Nuclear 摩动核 | MNP-XH04 NE ZHA 哪吒

Ready stock - Motor Nuclear 摩动核 | MNP-XH04 NE ZHA 哪吒

Regular price $59.90 SGD
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Payment option Non Refunable
RP $64.90
PO Full payment $56.90
PO Deposit $5 balance upon collection $53.90 ($58.90)
ETA May to Jun 2024
Motor Nuclear 摩动核 | MNP-XH04 NE ZHA 哪吒
Head Height : 23cm

Do not preorder if you don't agreed the following terms

*All preorder need to do store pick up within 7 business day upon system pick up email collection.
*Else there will be $1 every 7 day storage fees.
*All deposit are strictly non refundable.
*We reserve to sell to open market if no pick up after 30 business day with deposit non refundable. For full payment we will deduct $5 admin fees and refund the balance.
*We strongly recommend for delivery service if you have issue in self pick up dead line.
Your understanding is much appreciated as we have very limited retail storage space to keep especially there is lots of China kits arrive every week.
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