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Decaling Quick Tray by Plamo Improvement Commission

Decaling Quick Tray by Plamo Improvement Commission

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This handy little tray is the perfect decal assistant!

The main tray features a sponge material where you can set your water-transfer decals. The moisture contained in the special sponge will prevent your decals from drying for a long time, thereby reducing application errors as it minimizes the loss in adhesive on the decals. The tray allows you to keep the adhesive strength of your decals even if you're working with multiple decals at once, and don't apply some of them for 20-30 minutes. (It can hold decals up to 6cm x 7cm in size. If you are concerned about stickiness, please use an adhesive and softening agent together with the decal.)

The tray features an area to brush away your paper scraps, and it comes with a pair of tweezers and curved scissors specially designed for working with decals!

[How to Use]:

  1. With the sponge tray lifted, place the sponge on the sponge tray and attach the top cover.
  2. Lower the sponge tray and add water or lukewarm water to the line inside the tray until the sponge completely absorbs moisture. (Please sometimes raise the sponge tray and check the condition of the sponge.)
  3. Place the necessary decals slowly on the sponge tray for a few seconds, to several tens of seconds. (Time varies depending on the size and type of decal to be used.)
  4. Raise the sponge tray upwards and use the included tweezers to perform the decal application work.

[Care Instructions]:

  • Tray (main unit): Please rinse thoroughly after dumping out any water, then wipe dry.
  • Sponge: Please remove from the tray, squeeze into water, then dry and save. (If it remains wet, it may develop mold.) When the sponge dries, the original size becomes smaller and its shape becomes bent, but it is not defective.
  • Tweezers: There is a possibility that the decal adhesive will become stuck to it, so wipe it lightly and then dry it. When storing the tweezers in the tray, please store the tweezers with the horizontal bars downward.


  • Decal tray: Approximately 17.7cm x 8cm x 3.2cm
  • Tweezers: Approximately 7.3cm x 1.3cm x 7mm
  • Curved Scissors: Approximately 14.2cm x 6.5cm x 1cm


  • Resin tweezers
  • Curved scissors


  • Decal tray, tweezers: ABS
  • Sponge: PVA sponge
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